Safe meetings:

Safety of our customers and employees is important. During your room booking we kindly ask you to consider booking a larger room to care for social distance among participants. By calling to our restaurant you can always ensure that the booked room is large enough for your meeting.

We follow actively COVID-19 instructions by THL and other authorities.

Diplomat 8 p
Price: starting at 28,00 € (incl.vat 24%)

Armchairs 80 p Classroom 54 p
Price: starting at 80,00 € (incl.vat 24%)

Edustussauna Säde
Capacity: 20 persons
Price: starting at 75,00 € (incl.vat 24%)

Diplomat 8 p
Price: starting at 20,00 € (incl.vat 24%)

U-shaped 20 p Classroom 30 p
Price: starting at 40,00 € (incl.vat 24%)